Wednesday, February 16, 2011

spotlight: manhattan weekend

this weekend, one of my girlfriends from san diego, who goes to school in upstate new york, took a little drive down to the island we know as manhattan. so friday morning early afternoon i attempted to shake off my hangover and ventured into the city to meet shel. after immediately getting starbucks, we strolled through midtown to hit up h&m, where i made a few purchases which included 2 pink structured and unstructured blazers and a fun little dress--all for a total of $93.

not the best fashion shot, but you get the point of the blazer. on saturday we also made a stop in zara [(after being refused entry due to our venti starbuckses (starbucki??)] where amidst hoards of font-of-the-store sale shoppers i found these beauties

lovely coral-brown polyester trousers that make me so so excited for springtime. my lady and i then headed down to the village, where we got shelly a cute new down coat then stormed the various marc jacobs utopias that reside on bleeker st. never one to leave a marc jacobs store empty-handed, i found myself purchasing a maroon cashmere beanie (what a hipster) and a pair of long-needed black rainboots. apparently mr. jacobs had teamed up with playboys and designed three t-shirts for "designers against aids" and there was a hunny bunny standing in the front store of the store, to which we were ushered towards and an photoshoot ensued. what was cool about this paparazzi-esque incident was that we each got a pretty little copy of the photo in an envelope. nice pr team, mj.

talk about winners...

didn't she get a great coat?? and on sale, to boot. we dined in a tasty little corner restaurant and made our way back to midtown to drop our things off at a friend's apartment, where we regrouped and headed to 'inotecca, a semi-chic fancy-fare italian restaurant. absolutely delicious, however my only criticism was that when i told asked our waitress to have the bartender make my specialty drink a little less strong (still dancing with that hangover), she came back a few minutes later saying the bartender didn't want to "change the integrity of the drink." are you kidding me?? where are we, tavern on the green? i wanted to tell the bartender to shove it, however i ordered another drink and continued with our evening. 

and a good evening it was.

saturday afternoon i ventured back into the city. unaware that i would not return home until the next day, i only planned for a daytime outfit.

due to the cold and the low-buttoning neck of my black calvin klein coat, i decided to double-up on scarves. here i tied together a simple white scarf with my thin-but-warm cashmere burberry one. thigh-high socks are quite the trend at the moment, which i am a fan of considering my tendency to avoid pants.

 in retrospect this was a terrible idea--in the time it took me to walk 3 blocks from my apartment to the train station i decided i needed another pair of tights---stat. luckily for me there is a store in penn station with a plethora of tights (it pretty much only sells overpriced tights, socks, and hooker lingerie... classy) where i bought a great pair of thick knit ralph lauren dark grey tights. talk about a livesaver! between my thigh high boots and socks (double trend points!) and chunky tights, i was beyond warm in the chilly late afternoon.

shelly and i headed downtown where i showed her the glamorous canal street and then we hit soho. i was trying to limit my spending, so i limited myself to one purchase at topshop. spoiler alert: students get 10% off!!! will be returning soon. anyway i got myself some adorable little suede oxfords that retail for $60. they are so light and thin on the foot i feel like a little quick-footed elf when i wear them. don't judge me.
the new loves of my life--can't wait til spring.
we then headed to mulberry street for some little italy dining, where we ended up dropping $110 on dinner... half of which we didn't eat. standard. after dropping off our purchases at the same apartment, shelly and i met up with some seton hall alumni boys. but not before she hooked my up with these killer bebe heels to compliment my new grey tights

surprisingly easy to walk in!

anyway, my lady friend departed to spend time with gentlemen friends, and i did the same to meet my boys at the empire hotel on 63rd and broadway (yes gossip girl fans, that empire) where we indulged in vip, dancing and grey goose til 4 am.

long live manhattan

Monday, February 14, 2011


"americans want to start working as fast as possible
that's just what I don't want
working sucks"
wise words of a friend from belgium this morning

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

abbey's party

a friend that i studied abroad in valencia this summer facebook chatted me this evening. unfortunately by the time i saw it, she had logged off and i couldn't respond. her chat consisted of the following:

"dear most fashionable person i know
i have a party with a theme that involves tigers and cheetahs
how do i make/figure out an outfit? lol"

such a doll!

so i thought i would take the liberty and show her a few suggestions...
 Abbey's party
Abbey's party by AmandaQBerrill featuring a silk blazer

if i could be a dress...

alexander mcqueen spring/summer 08