Tuesday, November 30, 2010

blue dress

does anyone remember Zenon, girl of the 21st century?
yes the Disney movie...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

smooth as buttah

oh man. there's nothing like the scent of new shoes in the morning. yesterday my mom and i were browsing the nordstrom shoe department for a pair of booties like these, where i came across the vince camutos pictured above. i tried them on and really liked them and, hooray!, they were on sale. however i told my mom i would rather have her spend the money on trendy shoes like these which i was in the market for and put the camutos on hold (you know, just in case).

so after scouring the mall for the perfect pair of military booties, we struck out, determined to venture to DSW the next day. in between shopping excursions i hunted shoe sites such as zappos and endless (both of which i highly recommend: fast deliveries and free shipping and returns! could not be easier) to find many pairs that i liked but could not afford. so i put my faith in the fact that DSW had many treasures in story for me.

DSW was uncharacteristically lacking the selection i had desired (even though they had a blow-out sale of gucci heels), so my mom and i returned to the mothership, otherwise known as nordstrom. it was then that i realized that i had been chasing a trend so intensely that i had forgotten to think about how often i would actually wear them. once, maybe even twice before the trend had passed? i also realized that i didn't own many clothes that would actually match these types of booties. i then came to my senses and admitted to my mother than i no longer needed the military booties.

long story short, after tracking down the heels that were hidden away in the cavernous room that holds the backstock of shoes, they were purchased and in a shinny silver nordstrom bag within minutes. i think the point of the story is that even though you may spend hours upon hours chasing the latest trend, it is important to keep in mind the functionality and practicality of the trend (two words that are shunned in the world of high-fashion). along with all aspects of your life, buy (or do) what you love! why invest time or money into something that won't bring you happiness and fulfillment? everything in life should make you smile, whether it be cooking, mountain climbing, or, in my case, the world of fashion.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Airport Blues

Airport Blues

traveling during the holiday season never seems to go as flawlessly as you think it will. so in anticipation for my 2:29 flight out of newark airport, i had a car pick me up at 12:00 pm just in case i were to run into any gnarly security lines due to the recent TSA drama. i arrived at approximately 12:20 to encounter less than 15 people in line for security and it took me all of about 20 minutes to check my bag, get through security,  and get my soy chai latte at starbucks. at i plug in my laptop to get started on some schoolwork (or facebook stalk and listen to kanye west) i am notified that my flight is delayed and will not be departing until at least 3:49. oh joy!!! thankfully i was early enough to snag a seat by the electrical outlets and therefore succumbed to paying for wifi access. so i decided to take this forced down time to talk about airport attire.

we see so many celebrities in paparazzi shots leaving various airports in sky-high heels and blazers and other not-so-leisure friendly attire. while i do admire this, it is not for the everyday traveller that can't afford first class and people to tote your belongings for you. while i will admit to arriving in madrid this summer in platform wedges (yes, i was that girl), i generally try to stick to a casual-chic mantra when it comes to traveling. and no, this does not include sweatpants.

i tried to depict my current outfit at accurately as possible, and i think i accomplished it pretty well. i am wearing dark blue jeggings (so comfortable to fly in), a sheer black lace and floral shirt (more exciting than the one pictured), pretty much that exact sweater, and a charcoal studded leather jacket. my boots are very similar to the wood-heeled ones above, except they are about 6 inches taller (in shaft height, not heel!). in terms of baggage, i checked one bag and am carrying this marc by marc jacobs tote bag and the purse pictured above sitting on the ledge, which i bought in spain and is one of my favorites. it is important to wear simple (and sparse) jewelry when traveling, so i have three rings, my fossil watch, and my grandmothers earrings on, similar to the ones pictures with black accents and diamonds in the middle. now that i think about it, my jewelry isn't so sparse at all, however TSA said nothing when i neglected to take any of it off before walking through the metal detector. guess i should have brought my glock after all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's the little things in life that make you smile

keep that in mind as you go about the rest of your week

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ariyoshi Japanese Restaurant Review

The first thing you notice about Ariyoshi is the adorable back entrance in the SOPAC parking lot: little paper lanterns and cheerful colored lights are strung up making it almost feel like Christmas year-round.
The second thing you notice takes advantage of another sense—smell. The delicious scent of tempura batter and sizzling meats and vegetables fills the restaurant and makes you immediately twice as hungry as you were before you set foot in the doorway.
My friends and I were seated quickly on an un-crowded Sunday night. While we were seated in the corner, we did have a view of the impressive 15-foot fish tank that occupies the middle of the largest dining room. Our waters were in front of us before we could even order, and the delicious miso soup that we did order also came out promptly.
The menu has a large variety, so those students who aren’t the biggest fans of raw fish—or even sushi in general—are guaranteed to find something to nibble on. Our waitress did not pressure us to order and gladly came back when we requested more time to ponder the vast array of menu choices.
The food came out relatively quickly, and all the sushi rolls were brought out at the same time. One dinner guest could not stop raving about her Mexican Roll, which consisted of shrimp tempura, avocado, carrots, and spicy sauce.
“It was so delicious, and the roll didn’t fall apart once!” said Lindsey Barber, class of 2011, who often has difficulties keeping sushi together.
Fellow Setonian writer Laurel Barbot described the gyoza she ordered as having a “light and crispy texture with surprisingly tasty filling—a great appetizer before sushi.”
The price range at Ariyoshi varies from a mere $2 miso soup to decadent $15 special rolls. The classic California Roll will set diners back $4.50, and there are many other choices to fit even a starving college student’s budget.
For our over 21 students, the lovely staff at Ariyoshi will supply you with wine glasses and even take your wine back to chill while you eat.
When dining with larger parties, try reserving the back room. This almost-hidden dining area features a large wooden table with raised seats and sunken floor space underneath the table—you can feel like you’re sitting on the ground without being uncomfortable. Make sure you take your shoes off, this room is set to mimic traditional Japanese style and customs.
Whether you’re craving vegetable tempura and rice or the Lobster Roll, there is something for everyone at Ariyoshi.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

A year after the infamous Taylor Swift incident, Kanye West debuted “Runaway” at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye also introduced the public to his G.O.O.D. Friday project, in which West has been releasing tracks to the public but tried to keep fans guessing about which tracks would make the final album cut.

In what some have called an effort to make the next “Thriller” video, the full-length “Runaway” film is visually stunning and simplistically intriguing. The film is a raw and organic look at Kanye West and a departure from his usual bravado, as we witness West fall in love with, well, a bird.

Nicki Minaj babbling in an awful attempt at a British accent introduces the full-length “Runaway” film, however it is quickly redeemed by the intense and determined introduction of “Dark Fantasy.” Kid Cudi’s soft voice makes a cameo next in “Gorgeous,” followed by a slightly modified version “Power,” which has a strong beat based on female vocals.

Next, “All of the Lights” (featuring Rihanna) comes to life in the video with a fireworks display and a Michael Jackson-themed parade, while “Devil in a New Dress” is the background to an elaborate dinner party in a warehouse with no lack of racial and societal commentary.

After a dinner guest points out that Kanye’s beautiful girlfriend is indeed a bird, the film segues into the actual performance of “Runaway,” featuring ballerinas clad in black dancing a mix of classical and urban ballet. The film then samples a snippet of “Hell of a Life” (which features Lil Wayne on the full album) and “Blame Game” featuring John Legend—a pretty, piano-laiden track with less than pretty lyrics. “Blame Game” is followed by “Lost in the World,” a beautifully lyrical and harmonious introduction which follows up with an energizing beat leading to the dramatic finale of the film.

We once again see a more aggressive and brash Kanye, not to mention a boastful and sexually arrogant Mr. West. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (out November 22) shows Kanye’s ability to constantly evolve and simultaneously be his own biggest fan and critic.

The Kanye we witness in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a Kanye which is much more reminiscent of his old days on the College Dropout and Gradation albums, rather than the slow, melancholy sounds of 808s & Heartbreak. His ability to combine snippets of soulful singers with steady raps and solid beats is nothing short of the comeback that Kanye’s fans were looking for. Welcome back Mr. West.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


today in the mac lab while waiting for my professor, i was browsing for spring internship opportunities and stumbled upon where else but the louis vuitton website. my friend laurel and i were oogling the luggage and agendas, and i stumbled upon the sobe clutch. i. died. its just so beautiful. however this was not what prompted the outfit. i spotted the skirt first, which i absolutely love for late fall/winter, it looks so warm.

i first became aware of karen millen when i stumbled (almost literally--thanks to kate spade for all the champagne) into the soho store during this year's fashion's night out. absolutely wonderful, and this classic black coat is a great example of her knowledge of feminine structuring. i love sheer black tights and sometimes wish that i dared to wear simple patterned tights, especially when paired with those delicious gray suede pumps over there in the corner. sometimes with simple outfits its best to keep accessories simple.

oh and yes, those are leg warmers. hey, its almost winter in manhattan--experiment.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Off to class

let's make one thing clear. sweat pants in public are just not acceptable. under any circumstances. that goes for pajama bottoms, athletic shorts, etc. unless you are working out (hence, the SWEAT in sweatpants), there is no reason to look like a slob. it's called getting dressed for a reason.

with that being said, i sometimes find myself feeling somewhat unsettled whenever i see my fellow academic colleagues clad in their sleep-wear during the day. unless you plan on snoozing off during lecture, which i highly doubt your professors will appreciate, then please--put effort into your appearance. sure, we all have our days, but why let everyone else know that?

it really is incredible how easy it is to throw an outfit together. think about it--does it really require that much extra energy or mind power to throw on jeans and a cute top rather than sweat pants and a hoodie?

i digress. i love corals and aquas, i feel that they tend to look good on most people and are an easy way to brighten your own mood. there's something so classic about a cardigan and flats, however i feel it is always best to bring your own flair to the classics. paired with a neutral bag that you can still fit your notebook and planner in (i don't condone backpacks--unless they're louis vuitton), it's perfect for going from class to the mall.
i mean... the library?

albino rose

there's something about platinum, white-blonde hair. i was blonde for about three months of my life after i graduated high school. but i was nowhere near the bright white hue of the dude (yes, dude--google him Andrej Pejic) to the right. along with pale eyebrows and thick, dark lashes it makes a dramatic contrast that works in him favor, which continues with his black lace top. the rose is a little strange, but beautiful all the same.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

for the boys

there's something about the fall that brings out nicer clothes in men. not that guys can't look summatime fly, but i feel that fashion-conscious boys have great opportunities to step up their fashion game in the fall. there is nothing i appreciate more than a man who knows how to dress himself. so let's delve into this. i feel like men's sweaters are such an easy (and i'm assuming comfortable?) option but they still look so refined, it's effortless. also boys, take note that slim fitting jeans are the way to go. baggy, saggy, ill-fitting jeans just make you look so sloppy. i'm not saying guys need to go all pete wentz on us, but please, keep the fit in mind. i personally tend to like men in sneakers that are dressed up, and every classy gentlemen needs a nice pair of shades ("lokes", as my brother would say). and hey, i think straight guys can definitely pull of a scarf. it's all about confidence gentlemen.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

pinch me, i'm dreaming

let's talk about fur vests. i've tried to embrace them, and have wasted many minutes of my life trying them on--only to be severely disappointed and resembling a wooly mammoth. i think i have basically given up on trying to find the right one, i have decided that some things, like me wearing a fur vest, are just not meant to be. with that being said, i was thrilled to make an outfit including a fur vest, and i died when i found one with a bow-sash detailing ribbon. there i go with bows again. and speaking of bows, there's something about cream that is so much warmer than stark white and i love this top. the camel skirt plays off the warmth of of the top but doesn't compete with the vest. i thought about throwing in a more chunky, industrial/military style shoe like this one, or these babies, or this one, or even these pretty ladies. i couldn't decide which earrings i to chose, so as usual i just included all of them. i'm so indecisive.

and the luggage... i have always said to myself (and anyone who happens to be with me when i come across it) that i'll know i've achieved financial success when i can buy myself a louis vuitton keepall, and then luggage. there's just something so classic and defined about the speedy bags and the keepalls. i'm shooting for the next five years, but so far unpaid internships haven't exactly been helping me rake up financial gains. ah well, let's hope hard work pays off.

Pegase 65
$3,110 - louisvuitton.com
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Keepall 55 with Shoulder Strap
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Heart Locket Ring #1
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Gamble Ring
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Cœur earrings in pink gold
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Wolfgang Frames in Cola
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native american sequin

the inspiration for this set 100% started with the skirt--i fell in love and then built an outfit around it. from there, i couldn't decide whether i wanted a structured blazer or another jacket, so i showed both. at first i thought i wanted a black tank, but opted for a white tee instead, which left more focus on the skirt. i randomly stumbled upon the boots and decided it was time to give those heels a break, and the accessories just sort of fell into place. i'm OBSESSED with this louis vuitton ring. it may or may not be my first major purchase when i finally land that post-graduation job...

surfer on acid

this little number started when in was bored in class (don't tell my media law professor!) and typed in dolce & gabbana in the polyvore search box. amongst the satin, silk, and leopard print i found this chiffon tie dye top. as strange as it is, i was drawn to it and wanted to make it work. i paired it with simple true religions and started with the boots, but i realized that i've been neglecting flats in most of the sets. as much as i love heels, i know all too well of the pains they bring to those who embrace them. so opted to throw in some oxfords, which i am still in the market for the perfect pair of. i think when attempting the oxford trend, i think it's best to stick with a solid color throughout. i recently ordered these oxfords and i was really excited about them, but when they came i was disappointed in how character-ish they were and almost clown-like. so ladies i'd recommend sticking with a solid color throughout. any sort of deep tan leather bag could have done with this outfit, so i threw in my favorites from a plethora of them. she shades can be classic or fun, along with the studded wrap bracelets. the rose gold ring and michael kors watch kill me, i have always loved rose gold as an alternative--it's a softer take on gold and not something you see everyday. it's all about being unique.

Dolce & Gabbana Tie-dyed chiffon top
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Vegan Fair Trade Terra Lace Up Brogues
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Wimbledon medium PU shoulder bag
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MAC 'Viva Glam VII' Lipstick
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