Wednesday, November 24, 2010

smooth as buttah

oh man. there's nothing like the scent of new shoes in the morning. yesterday my mom and i were browsing the nordstrom shoe department for a pair of booties like these, where i came across the vince camutos pictured above. i tried them on and really liked them and, hooray!, they were on sale. however i told my mom i would rather have her spend the money on trendy shoes like these which i was in the market for and put the camutos on hold (you know, just in case).

so after scouring the mall for the perfect pair of military booties, we struck out, determined to venture to DSW the next day. in between shopping excursions i hunted shoe sites such as zappos and endless (both of which i highly recommend: fast deliveries and free shipping and returns! could not be easier) to find many pairs that i liked but could not afford. so i put my faith in the fact that DSW had many treasures in story for me.

DSW was uncharacteristically lacking the selection i had desired (even though they had a blow-out sale of gucci heels), so my mom and i returned to the mothership, otherwise known as nordstrom. it was then that i realized that i had been chasing a trend so intensely that i had forgotten to think about how often i would actually wear them. once, maybe even twice before the trend had passed? i also realized that i didn't own many clothes that would actually match these types of booties. i then came to my senses and admitted to my mother than i no longer needed the military booties.

long story short, after tracking down the heels that were hidden away in the cavernous room that holds the backstock of shoes, they were purchased and in a shinny silver nordstrom bag within minutes. i think the point of the story is that even though you may spend hours upon hours chasing the latest trend, it is important to keep in mind the functionality and practicality of the trend (two words that are shunned in the world of high-fashion). along with all aspects of your life, buy (or do) what you love! why invest time or money into something that won't bring you happiness and fulfillment? everything in life should make you smile, whether it be cooking, mountain climbing, or, in my case, the world of fashion.

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