Saturday, November 6, 2010

pinch me, i'm dreaming

let's talk about fur vests. i've tried to embrace them, and have wasted many minutes of my life trying them on--only to be severely disappointed and resembling a wooly mammoth. i think i have basically given up on trying to find the right one, i have decided that some things, like me wearing a fur vest, are just not meant to be. with that being said, i was thrilled to make an outfit including a fur vest, and i died when i found one with a bow-sash detailing ribbon. there i go with bows again. and speaking of bows, there's something about cream that is so much warmer than stark white and i love this top. the camel skirt plays off the warmth of of the top but doesn't compete with the vest. i thought about throwing in a more chunky, industrial/military style shoe like this one, or these babies, or this one, or even these pretty ladies. i couldn't decide which earrings i to chose, so as usual i just included all of them. i'm so indecisive.

and the luggage... i have always said to myself (and anyone who happens to be with me when i come across it) that i'll know i've achieved financial success when i can buy myself a louis vuitton keepall, and then luggage. there's just something so classic and defined about the speedy bags and the keepalls. i'm shooting for the next five years, but so far unpaid internships haven't exactly been helping me rake up financial gains. ah well, let's hope hard work pays off.

Pegase 65
$3,110 -
Flat bags »

Keepall 55 with Shoulder Strap
$1,250 -
Louis vuitton bags »

$1,480 -
Louis vuitton handbags »

Heart Locket Ring #1
$360 -
Vintage style jewelry »

Gamble Ring
$255 -
Louis vuitton jewelry »

Cœur earrings in pink gold
$2,160 -
Fine jewelry earrings »

Wolfgang Frames in Cola
$175 -
Sunglasses »

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