Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rainy Day Grey

ah, how you rob my life of productivity. this was the first set i made when i discovered the wonder that is polyvore. it was raining that day, to my credit. most of the outfits i slop together on polyvore are due to boredom, lack of funds, and an audacious brain that wants more than it can ever have.

whenever i create something on polyvore, i make sure that i can actually envision a woman wearing the outfit--i usually picture her waltzing through soho (but never in midtown!). she is tall, thin, and beautiful (basically what i--and every other woman--want to be). i may or may not be wanting to live vicariously through these outfits... is that sad?
actually, don't answer that.

what i love about this look is the monochromatic deep grays and blacks. ankle booties are clearly in this season, but i love that these givenchy ones have the extra strap--very unique. the chunky sweater just looked so comfortable, and i swear i've seen those quilted leather shorts on kate moss before. the ray bans are a shout-out to my friend steven, he has a pair that fold up and always caught my eye. i saw the chanel heart purse and almost died--i can't remember but it might have been what i planned the whole ensemble around. i tend to do that, i find one piece that i must wear, then build an empire around it. silly? maybe, but definitely me. the onyx ring i was just drawn to, and the givenchy cuff was just in the right place at the right time. god i wish i had this outfit.

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