Saturday, November 20, 2010

Airport Blues

Airport Blues

traveling during the holiday season never seems to go as flawlessly as you think it will. so in anticipation for my 2:29 flight out of newark airport, i had a car pick me up at 12:00 pm just in case i were to run into any gnarly security lines due to the recent TSA drama. i arrived at approximately 12:20 to encounter less than 15 people in line for security and it took me all of about 20 minutes to check my bag, get through security,  and get my soy chai latte at starbucks. at i plug in my laptop to get started on some schoolwork (or facebook stalk and listen to kanye west) i am notified that my flight is delayed and will not be departing until at least 3:49. oh joy!!! thankfully i was early enough to snag a seat by the electrical outlets and therefore succumbed to paying for wifi access. so i decided to take this forced down time to talk about airport attire.

we see so many celebrities in paparazzi shots leaving various airports in sky-high heels and blazers and other not-so-leisure friendly attire. while i do admire this, it is not for the everyday traveller that can't afford first class and people to tote your belongings for you. while i will admit to arriving in madrid this summer in platform wedges (yes, i was that girl), i generally try to stick to a casual-chic mantra when it comes to traveling. and no, this does not include sweatpants.

i tried to depict my current outfit at accurately as possible, and i think i accomplished it pretty well. i am wearing dark blue jeggings (so comfortable to fly in), a sheer black lace and floral shirt (more exciting than the one pictured), pretty much that exact sweater, and a charcoal studded leather jacket. my boots are very similar to the wood-heeled ones above, except they are about 6 inches taller (in shaft height, not heel!). in terms of baggage, i checked one bag and am carrying this marc by marc jacobs tote bag and the purse pictured above sitting on the ledge, which i bought in spain and is one of my favorites. it is important to wear simple (and sparse) jewelry when traveling, so i have three rings, my fossil watch, and my grandmothers earrings on, similar to the ones pictures with black accents and diamonds in the middle. now that i think about it, my jewelry isn't so sparse at all, however TSA said nothing when i neglected to take any of it off before walking through the metal detector. guess i should have brought my glock after all.

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