Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Off to class

let's make one thing clear. sweat pants in public are just not acceptable. under any circumstances. that goes for pajama bottoms, athletic shorts, etc. unless you are working out (hence, the SWEAT in sweatpants), there is no reason to look like a slob. it's called getting dressed for a reason.

with that being said, i sometimes find myself feeling somewhat unsettled whenever i see my fellow academic colleagues clad in their sleep-wear during the day. unless you plan on snoozing off during lecture, which i highly doubt your professors will appreciate, then please--put effort into your appearance. sure, we all have our days, but why let everyone else know that?

it really is incredible how easy it is to throw an outfit together. think about it--does it really require that much extra energy or mind power to throw on jeans and a cute top rather than sweat pants and a hoodie?

i digress. i love corals and aquas, i feel that they tend to look good on most people and are an easy way to brighten your own mood. there's something so classic about a cardigan and flats, however i feel it is always best to bring your own flair to the classics. paired with a neutral bag that you can still fit your notebook and planner in (i don't condone backpacks--unless they're louis vuitton), it's perfect for going from class to the mall.
i mean... the library?


  1. probably because it's comfortable.. not everyone wants to go to class looking like they are heading to the prom..

  2. there is a difference between "heading to the prom," as you put it, anonymous, and not looking like a slob.