Saturday, November 6, 2010


taylor swift may have been the inspiration for this set. it may be very very late in the season for the white jeans, but i wanted them anyway. it is my opinion that clothes never really go out of season, people just appreciate them more at different times of the year. the black feather earring was is a bit of a ke$ha reflection, however completely unintentional. i fell in love with the white and gold hermes bangle and wish i could own them in an array of colors. the boots are yummy yummy YSL, and i think i went a little bit overboard with the heart thing on both of the rings. oh well! i wanted to add a splash of color, and no one does that better than marc by marc jacobs solid leather goods. yummy.

250 EUR -
Heart ring »

$260 -
Dsquared sunglasses »

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