Sunday, November 7, 2010

for the boys

there's something about the fall that brings out nicer clothes in men. not that guys can't look summatime fly, but i feel that fashion-conscious boys have great opportunities to step up their fashion game in the fall. there is nothing i appreciate more than a man who knows how to dress himself. so let's delve into this. i feel like men's sweaters are such an easy (and i'm assuming comfortable?) option but they still look so refined, it's effortless. also boys, take note that slim fitting jeans are the way to go. baggy, saggy, ill-fitting jeans just make you look so sloppy. i'm not saying guys need to go all pete wentz on us, but please, keep the fit in mind. i personally tend to like men in sneakers that are dressed up, and every classy gentlemen needs a nice pair of shades ("lokes", as my brother would say). and hey, i think straight guys can definitely pull of a scarf. it's all about confidence gentlemen.

1 comment:

  1. Not to mention us girls love to steal our boys clothes, that should be reason enough for them to have a fashion capable wardrobe. (cough) sweater!