Wednesday, November 10, 2010


today in the mac lab while waiting for my professor, i was browsing for spring internship opportunities and stumbled upon where else but the louis vuitton website. my friend laurel and i were oogling the luggage and agendas, and i stumbled upon the sobe clutch. i. died. its just so beautiful. however this was not what prompted the outfit. i spotted the skirt first, which i absolutely love for late fall/winter, it looks so warm.

i first became aware of karen millen when i stumbled (almost literally--thanks to kate spade for all the champagne) into the soho store during this year's fashion's night out. absolutely wonderful, and this classic black coat is a great example of her knowledge of feminine structuring. i love sheer black tights and sometimes wish that i dared to wear simple patterned tights, especially when paired with those delicious gray suede pumps over there in the corner. sometimes with simple outfits its best to keep accessories simple.

oh and yes, those are leg warmers. hey, its almost winter in manhattan--experiment.

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