Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 RTW

on february 11, 2010, the world lost a brilliant mind. nine days after the death of his mother, lee alexander mcqueen hung himself in his home in london. his funeral was attended by the likes of sarah jessica parker, bjork and daphne guinness. i found myself very emotional when i knew of his passing--almost as if i had lost a friend. maybe this makes me a headcase, but i think that it goes to show that clothes do resonate in emotions for some people who are passionate about them. sarah burton, mcqueen's long-time assistant, was named the new creative director after mcqueen's passing, and i can think of no way to better continue his essence than appointing someone who has trained and worked with mcqueen for many years.

mcqueen's tendency to evoke these kinds of feelings in people came from the magic that were his designs. his ability to construct pieces that simultaneously enforced structure while maintaining femininity is unrivaled by any other brand. i absolutely love the dresses he crafted, especially ones with impeccably symmetrical patterns. 

Rest In Peace Lee, you are missed more than you know.

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  1. We lost an icon, a genius, a true artist. Sarah Burton is also incredibly talented- this collection is tasteful and truly edgy..