Friday, January 21, 2011


the present molting-bird-accessory trend has been around for a bit now

for me, it all started with peacock feathers.

then there was that one time (2 years ago) that i was a peacock for halloween...

yes, those are real peacock feathers. yes, i made a feather headdress clip. and yes, the entire costume was DIY. spare the poor college student jokes. i will admit that i did have a bit of a symmetry issue with the fawn =(

then last semester i recycled that costume (RIP) and turned them into a sort of arts & crafts project...

it's like a corkboard, don't ask.

and that, my friends, led me to try out a new trend over winter break when i spotted my hairstylist with oh-so-fun feathers in her hair. i told her i wanted them, immediately. so i got my first two "bundles" (which consist of 3-4 feathers crimped in on a metal bead in your hair--very simple, painless and only as permanent as you want them to be) put in on the underside of my hair and after about a week i went back for two more in a more noticeable spot:

my mirror is dirty... don't judge.
anyway, when i went out to the bar i mean the library last night, everyone kept asking me what was in my hair. comments ranged from
"omg are those feathers?!? i want those!!!"
"is that hair??"
and my favorite...
"berrill, what did you get in a fight with a native american?"

yes, no, and hopefully never.

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