Tuesday, January 25, 2011

off to class, part deux

this is the getup that i wore alllll day long yesterday. from lunch to starbucks to class to gossip girl for girl's night (i'm clearly a dedicated student), this outfit served me well for each occasion.

scarf unknown, oxford by ann taylor, jeans by forever 21, boots unknown, watch by fossil.

now before you judge me for my squinty eyes that make me look like a smoked a pound of meth,  note that i am at least making an effort to be presentable for class, even if my face took the day off in that department. the oxford was probably a subliminal choice reflecting back to my all-girls catholic college prep high school days

what a winner.

regardless, a button-up, low-heeled boots, jeans and a scarf is, among many other things, a respectable alternative to sweatpants and hoodies.

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