Monday, January 24, 2011

interview wear

as most of you may or may not know, last week i had a few interviews for internships with various places. everyone seems to get nervous around the word interview. the thing about an internship is that it isn't a job, you're i'm not going to get paid (not in the fashion/communications field, at least), so it shouldn't give you as many butterflies as a real job interview should. every time i have gone to a interview for an internship, and there have been many, there have been a few questions like "tell me about what you did at temperley?" or the worst, "tell me a little about yourself," however i have never encountered any situational example or otherwise earth-shattering questions.

however for me, the most intimidating part of an upcoming interview is the all-important ensemble. so rather than "what can you bring to our company," its the "what am i going to wear??" that makes my knees shake.

Cosmo interview
this is the outfit i wore to my intervew with the fashion departments at cosmopolitan and allure magazines, pretty much down to a t, except for my large, almost diaper bag-sized tan canvas coach bag with white trim and double straps. i also wore black opaque tights, my white button was was ann taylor, and my silver chain was my grandmother's.

oh yeah, this one!

big enough to fit a shoddy portfolio filled with press releases and setonian clippings, a large water bottle and an umbrella that i bought in penn station after leaving my apartment without one...

the next day i got an offer from cosmo for the fashion closet internship, however i still had an interview with stella mccartney that i really wanted to follow through with, to which i wore this:

blazer by michael kors; top from nordstrom; jeans, necklace, and booties by forever 21 (i think i shop there a little too much...)
the booties i wore were similar to these, other than the color.

feathers in my hair and on my neck... excuse the makeup smudges in the mirror and messy room.

i threw on my black circle scarf and my brand-spanking new calvin klein coat and was ready to hit the town.

the interview at stella went well, and i told my interviewer that--no pressure--but i had an offer from another internship that i had to accept or decline by then end of the day, so if she could please let me know how seriously they were considering me by then. she then told me that basically they'd love to have me there and i should just let her know, so i e-mailed cosmo that afternoon and thanks but no thanks. i got an offer from allure the next day as well. it's rough being so popular...

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  1. Good post! :) I love that you get to be so creative in the fashion field (which is what I originally entered college for).
    Now I'm in politics/DC vibe which means suits for the rest of my life!
    Congrats on all the great internships too. :)

    P.S. I am OBSESSED with the feathers in your hair.

    P.S.S. Did you cut that tag off your CK coat? I think you're supposed to...